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For designers and 3D artists, it’s the time to save 1000+ of working hours in organizing your 3D library files.

The smartest ORGANIZER with

one click!

Organize your 3D library files in the form of 3ds Max file beside its related preview image!

3ds Max File
Preview Image


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of working hours!

WHAT ARE THE features?

operating Both compressed or uncompressed files

NAG ®ALL operates compressed (zipped) files such as RAR, 7Z or ZIP or uncompressed (pre-extracted) files smoothly.


Pre-Extracted Folder

Folders creation options

By default, NAG ®ALL creates four main folders to provide the user with clean structure with 0% data loss. The user is able to customize this default setting to fit his personal workflow and decide which folders to create or not to create. The four main folders are shown in the following.


It includes a copied version of all the original 3D library data.


It includes renamed files of any extensions other than .MAX or image-based extensions.


It includes the original file textures.


It includes any other useless files that were found during data organization, like system files, or so. 

Files renaming Features

NAG ®ALL renames all the files inside the compressed (zipped) files or uncompressed (pre-extracted) files to match the related preview image name. Additionally, in case that the file to be renamed contains release year or render engine version information, NAG ®ALL keeps that information in the renamed files. Regarding texture files, it keeps them with their original name to avoid relinking problems.


Files DELETION options

NAG ®ALL allows the user to decide the deletion of older release years of 3ds Max files or older release versions of render engines.



1. Run NAG ALL

2. Set path

3. check options

4. enjoy juice time


You can use manual drag and drop process to insert your 3D library files into 3ds Max.  
Additionally, you can link it to assets management plug-ins,such as, Project Manager, Connecter, or Autodesk Assets Library. 

Drag & Drop

Project Manager
Autodesk Asset Library

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NAG ®ALL stands for NAG ®Automatic Library Lister. It was developed by NAG® Plant based on Python language. It is specialized in automating the organization process of digital library assets with only a single click.

After NAG ®ALL mission is performed, the user will have a highly organized library in the form of: 3ds Max file beside its related preview image. The 3D library will be ready for manual drag and drop process into 3ds Max canvas, or for linking with any of the assets management plug-ins, such as, Project Manager, Connecter, or Autodesk Assets Library.

The software was successfully tested over thousands of 3D assets, such as 3dsky,, 3dbrute, Dimensiva, cgtrader, Turbosquid 3D models and much more.

NAG ®ALL runs in Windows OS (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11) in full performance.

There is no expiration date to NAG ®ALL license to renew. It’s lifetime active!

After your purchase for NAG ®ALL Basic or Pro versions, you receive a lifetime active license code to activate NAG ®ALL with one-year free maintenance plan.

NAG ®ALL maintenance plan gives you access to the following privileges:

  • Download the most up-to-date versions of the software, including major releases and patches.
  • Early access to Beta versions and the opportunity to test and suggest preferred features before they are included in the final release.
  • Premium technical support.
  • Special subscriber-only promotions and discounts.

By default, all NAG ®ALL buyers have one-year maintenance for free. To renew your maintenance plan, it costs only €25/year for freelancers’ license type (Basic or Pro) and €50/year for studios license type.

After your purchase, run NAG ®ALL in your machine and send the pop-up code to to generate your lifetime active license code.

License code is sent to your email within one business day, and usually much faster than that.

After receiving your lifetime active license code, you are able to run NAG ®ALL over only one machine. To activate NAG ®ALL on another machine, you have to buy an additional license.

Additional license costs only €25 for freelancers’ license type (Basic or Pro) and €50 for studios license type. Contact us via email to know more about purchase details.

Actually, NAG ®ALL software doesn’t include any option to transfer the license. If you change your computer frequently, contact us via email before your purchase to guide you.

To upgrade to the Pro version, it costs only €19. Contact us via email to know more about purchase details.

Nope. License code doesn’t depend on formatting or updating your O.S. License code stops working only when you use it on another machine.

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